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Attendance at a presentation will be at the discretion of the school, academy, college, or youth organisation involved, or via the Application Form under Get Involved.  Their purpose is to encourage STEM learning via the medium of the aerospace and aviation industries, so they are not teaching programmes, but a promotional and advisory service that includes face-to-face advice supported by follow-on material including all appropriate contacts.  They commence in 2020.

For the purposes of these presentations we have divided the UK into six regions: London, South East & East; South West & South Central; Midlands & Wales; North West; Scotland & Northern Ireland; and North East.  There will be up to eight presentations per year.  Further details will be provided as 2020 progresses.

Each presentation will be made to a combined group of schools, etc. from one of these regions.  There will be no charge for attendance at a presentation which will be a ‘road show’ undertaken in each region each year so that over the years the whole UK will be covered.  And then the road show starts again. To enable this to take place the ACP Team will identify appropriate groups of schools, etc. and contact each one explaining how the road show will operate.  One school, etc. from each group with the necessary facilities will provide the premises and act as the ‘host’.  

Presentations will be undertaken by a team of at least five people: Tony Hoskins and Michael Smith; one guest speaker from aerospace/aviation; one careers members from the RAeS; and a suitable role model.  Each presentation will last circa 60 minutes, be supported by physical and audio-visual aids, and be followed by a panel Q&A session.

After a short break there will be a number of simultaneous group Q&A sessions, lasting 15 minutes each, with a member of the presentation team who will circulate from group to group.  The presentation will conclude with details of the AA810 Network and the careers support information on this website. 

Based on a continuing programme of research and feedback involving industry, programme participants, educational requirements and related professional bodies the presentation and the support material will be reviewed annually to take account of changing circumstances, opportunities, currency and forward thinking. 

The programme of presentations will be advised annually, in advance, on this website, social media and specialist press.