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The Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme Newsletter: Winter 2020

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

As promised in our ACP Foundation Annual Review (2019/20) published last Autumn, the ACP will issue three in-year Newsletters each year – Winter, Spring and Summer - to ensure an up-to-date flow of information between Reviews. The first Newsletter (Winter 2020) has now been published and can be downloaded in full as indicated below.

As we are all well aware, 2020 has been a particularly demanding year for the Nation, and especially so for the aerospace and aviation industries. However, whilst these industries may look bleak and confused at the moment, we direct the reader to the words of the 2020 joint PwC/ADS report on ‘Harnessing Innovation in Aerospace & Defence’ extracted from the Newsletter:

“What are we to make of an industry sector that has unambiguous confidence in its status as a global innovation leader but, at the same time, acknowledges major barriers preventing it from fully flexing its innovation muscles? Are those two positions – expressed in our survey – at odds with each other, or simply an expression of an industry in flux, coping with wide-ranging volatility?

The answer, as we make clear in this report, lies much closer to the latter position. The story our survey tells is of a vibrant industry facing a series of live economic, political, and social events, complicated by existing sector-specific barriers and challenges.”

Furthermore, as I write this page on Christmas Eve, with the Newsletter already finalised, a UK : EU Free Trade Agreement has just been announced by the UK Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission. To paraphrase the economists at the EY Item Club (an economic forecasting group based in the United Kingdom and frequently quoted in the national media) just before the announcement, with a Brexit agreement and Covid vaccinations combined, UK GDP is expected to jump 5.5% next year.

Newsletter 1-18.12.20
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