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The Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme Newsletter: Spring 2022

Updated: Jun 23

NASA’s robotic ant – part of the Artemis project to return humankind to the Moon.

Welcome to the Spring 2022 edition of the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme Newsletter. This edition follows the overall format and general subject matter of its predecessors and in so doing continues to introduce in-depth comment and chronological news items of relevance plus careers comment and appropriate links.

In particular, we detail: AA810’s rapid restoration; the latest developments in respect of the PRU Memorial; the 2022 programme of schools presentations; the fight against cyber-crime; the situation of the UK economy; the effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on UK defence thinking; and the upturn in aerospace manufacturing and aviation/space operation. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss sponsorship/support of the SGACP charity (1190721) please contact chairman@acp-aa810.co.uk

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