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First Anniversary of the Sandy Gunn ACP

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

27 September marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme (ACP) and, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent severe disruption to business and life generally, we are delighted to advise that the restoration to flight of Spitfire PR.IV AA810 and the behind-the-scenes preparatory activity of the ACP continue apace most successfully. Indeed, not only are we still on track for AA810 to take to the skies again in 2023 as planned, but we are also ready to commence ACP Presentations as soon as the schools are able to receive us in 2021. Progress to this point is documented in our first ACP Annual Review. As you will see, this first edition is intended as a foundation document for all subsequent Reviews. That said, because the Reviews are annual publications, to keep the careers information they contain up-to-date during each year, three short Newsletters will also be published in between.

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