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ACP Launches In Style!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme launched to a crowd of several hundred people from schools and colleges, along with companies from the global motorsport and aerospace industries. We had members of Sandy Gunn's family, Luke Graham MP from Westminster, together with representatives from the RAFAC HQ, Scouting movement and other youth organisations. Alongside an exhibition about Sandy Gunn's life, the Spitfire he flew and some of his colleagues who flew with him, were motorcars of past and present representing the cutting edge of developing technology.

A 1/4 scale model of AA810 was present courtesy of the Supermarine Works which gave visitors an accurate representation of how the airworthy Spitfire AA810 will appear, just across the hangar floor from the actual wreck which was laid out for visitors to study.

Rolls-Royce Plc provided an immaculate Merlin 35 engine from its Heritage Collection and graciously provided a MkIX Spitfire to fly a stunning air display at the close of the launch and following landing, allowed those attendees the opportunity to study the aircraft at close quarters.

The day was a great success and the ACP team wish to thank most sincerely Sir Peter Gregson and his team at Cranfield University for hosting our launch and being so readily supportive of our specific needs, the owners of the Frazer Nash cars that are so historically linked to the AA810 project, and the project sponsors and contractors who gave their time, services and facilities to launch this programme for future generations.

A 1/4 scale model of AA810 was present courtesy of the Supermarine Works.
A Merlin 35 supplied for the day courtesy of Rolls-Royce Plc

The wreck of Sandy's spitfire laid out as it was found on the Norwegian mountainside. The return to flight of Spitfire AA810 is activley progressing towards a first flight in 2023.

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