Engineering Workshops


Entry to the engineering workshop will be via a competition for effort and commitment given by the applicant. This commitment will be financial, time, and thought-based as follows:


  • The applicant purchases and builds an “AA810 model kit” through the AA810 and ACP websites. 


  • The applicant submits a photograph of the completed model, together with a completed application which will be provided to those who indicate an interest in the workshop on the ACP application form. This will cover subjects such as who they are, what they want to do in terms of a career, how they have demonstrated their interest in aviation/engineering to date, and what attendance at a workshop would mean to them.

Twelve places for one weekend workshop per year will be offered initially.  This may well increase to two weekends per year as the programme develops, and maybe more over the years as the workshop locations increase. Initially the weekend workshops will run at the end of the summer holidays. Applications will open the year before on the anniversary of Alastair Gunn’s birthday, 27th September. Timings may well change as the frequency of workshops increases.


Students must provide their own transport to and from the workshop. However working and domestic (overnight) accommodation will be provided at no charge, as will catering.


The structure of a workshop weekend is likely to be (subject to further development):


  • Friday: Students arrive at the workshop location for an introductory talk and a tour of the facilities.


  • Saturday: Morning briefings on methods of aircraft construction, including aircraft development and future courses of industry. Also, methods to be used during the workshop, including: riveting; filing; drilling; folding; stretching; shrinking; punching and pressing.  


Students will be divided into four groups with one instructor to each, and each group designated one or two processes which will rotate through the groups during the course of the day. A Spitfire part drawing applicable to the process being taught will be provided. The aim will be for students to make each part using these processes by the end of each session. Each session will conclude with a recap on the processes covered.


  • Evening: An appropriate guest speaker will give a talk to students about Aerospace Engineering careers.


  • Sunday: All groups embark on a single project for each student to make a Spitfire part. That part will require the use of at least three, maybe four, of the processes learned the previous day. Potentially there will be several items to choose from rather than a set piece, so students can pick the piece they want to make. The instructor/student relationship will be the same as the previous day. The aim will be to complete the workshop by 1530 for presentations, photographs, and departure at 1630.


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