What is the programme?


Recognising the severe shortage of future engineers in the UK, and indeed the world, and having identified that one of the main blockages to young people entering the industry is a lack of accurate and relevant information, the Sandy Gunn ACP has set about doing all it can to increase the number of young people undertaking STEM learning.


The purpose of the ACP is to:

  • excite young people’s interest in engineering generally via the medium of aerospace;

  • inform them of the current and potential related career opportunities available;

  • explain the routes into those careers;

  • build a support network of like-minded individuals that will help maintain, and further, the purpose of the ACP as each member progresses their career.

  • provide a source of continuously updated and relevant careers information.

Professor Lecturing on Stage

The ACP will utilise a travelling presentation road show with ACP staff, industry speakers and role models which will move around the UK to spread relevant and up-to-date industry information. Additionally an annual workshop will be held where those interested in discovering the hands-on skills required to restore WW2 aircraft can do so in the project’s workshop.



The first workshops will take place in the Autumn of 2020 and these will be updated annually as they gradually roll across the UK year by year. Attendance at the presentations will be at the discretion of the schools and colleges involved; attendance on the workshop will be by national competition. The first workshops will take place in the Summer of 2020 and applications for these will always open on the 27th September each year.

Additional Opportunities 


Additional opportunities are currently being developed for those that are able to attend the presentations or the engineering workshops. A number of supporting companies are currently engaged with the project with some exciting opportunities in the offering.