Project AA810 is dedicated to the memory of all the men of the Photographic Reconnaissance Unit who risked, and gave, their lives during the Second World War.
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The Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme and the Restoration to flight of Spitfire PR.IV AA810 (see combined are the two essential elements of the overall Project AA810, the purpose of which is to act as a living memorial to the young men of the WWII Photo Reconnaissance Unit that flew AA810 plus four other Spitfires on the one hand, and use their example as an inspiration to today’s and tomorrow’s generations on the other.  In the words of Tony Hoskins who located AA810 in Norway, brought it back to the UK, and is now managing its re-build the Project is about: “Learning from the Past to Build for the Future.”


Using the link above please visit the AA810 site which is packed with information about the Project and also provides a continuous stream of news updates including our social media announcements for both the restoration and the Sandy Gunn ACP.  


Whilst the principal aim of the ACP is to introduce young people to STEM learning and the potential careers available in the aerospace and aviation industries, especially engineering and flying, it is also important to remember why we are rebuilding AA810.  Not just the iconic public face of the ACP but also to remember all those young men who risked, and gave, their lives flying, unarmed, deep into enemy territory to provide vital intelligence for the Allied war effort. They are the forerunners of today’s manned and unmanned ISTAR capability, without which yesterday and today, we could not protect ourselves from aggression.  


So, before reading the ACP website, click on the AA810 link and read on.  But remember, whilst this Project is about the past, your Nation’s past, if you are between the ages of 15 to 18 it is also about the future, your future!