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Welcome to the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme (ACP), a venture dedicated to inspiring and assisting young people in respect of engineering generally, and aeronautics and astronautics specifically, and then supporting those that enter and continue careers in aerospace.


​Supported by leading aviation and aerospace companies across a wide spectrum of specialisations from design and manufacture, to operations and training, the Sandy Gunn ACP provides accurate and up-to-date careers advice through its support network and regional presentation roadshows.  In addition, our hands-on airframe workshops build confidence in those wanting to learn or develop further their metalworking hand skills in an aviation workshop environment.

Who was Sandy Gunn?

Sandy Gunn was a young man from Auchterarder who gave up his training to become a diesel engineer in order to join the RAF. Shot down whilst flying an unarmed Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire over Norway in 1942, Sandy spent two years in a POW camp before escaping in what became known as the Great Escape. Captured after two days on the run, Sandy was murdered by a Gestapo officer on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler. He was just 24 years old.

What is the program?

The Sandy Gunn ACP has set about doing all it can to increase the number of young people undertaking STEM learning.

Find out more here.

Program News

All the latest news and developments.

Get Involved and Apply


Your path to an exciting and rewarding aerospace career begins here!

Meet The Team


Read here brief details of our Presidential Team and Management Team.

Engineering Workshops

A hands-on Engineering Workshop will run once per year initially, teaching and inspiring a new generation of aviation engineers. Find out more about our workshops here.


Our presentations will travel around the country delivered to schools and societies whose students wish to attend.  Find out more about our presentations here. 


Our support network is steadily growing.  Click here to see who we work with.

Project AA810

Our sister site, the AA810 provides information and updates on the progress of the restoration of the AA810 Spitfire restoration and the stories behind it.


Keep up to date with the latest news on the Aerospace Careers Program.

Articles / Practical Advice 

From writing your first aviation CV to building a path to a drone pilot.  Find it all here.

Annual Reviews

Browse through the ACP Annual Reviews.

AA810 Network 


The Network will act as a ‘super alumni’, its purpose being to provide a support and advisory service to presentation and workshop attendees as they finish attendance, continue in education, and then progress their careers in aerospace.